ZERO SPEED switches are offered in the following styles:



SHAFT ROTATION monitors, frequently called ZERO SPEED or TACHOMETER relays operate when the pulses (usually generated bya proximity switch) received fall below a user selected set point. This situation is sometimes caused by something jamming the machine. The motor(s) draws excessive current thus breaking down the insulation leading to premature failure. At the same time, there could be a buildup of product and other mechanical failures caused. Overload relays react more slowly than zero speed switches thus making the latter a definite asset in the motor starter circuit.

We offer self contained models like the CRT30 as well as the base and panel mount P48.

For visual indication as well as over and under speed protection, consider one of our EZM units. Follow the recipe in our EZM RECIPES to guide you through the simple set up which will have your machine up and ready in moments and fully protected against incorrect speed whether the signal comes from a proximity sensor, a photoelectric switch even an incremental encoder.

EZM4450 (48x48mm)
EZM4950 (48x96mm)
EZM7750 (72x72mm)
EZM9950 (96x96mm)