Ground Fault or Earth Leakage relays are offered in fixed and variable sensitivity versions:



These GROUND FAULT relays are zero sequencing types and are designed to operate in conjunction with our BZCT toroidal current transformers to protect machines and installations. They are not meant to protect humans nor animals.

Any of the models can be used on either single phase or three phase three or four wire systems. Both the line and neutral are passed through the SAME current transformer. All the conductors of a three phase three wire also pass through the same CT and if a neutral is present, it too must accompany the other three conductors. The only wire which doesn't go through the CT is the ground.

Select a BZCT transformer that has a window twice that of the outside diameter of all the conductors to be passed.




ELRF 30, 10




BZCT 035

BZCT 070

BZCT 120

BZCT 210

BZCTR 115/150