Liquid level controllers are offered in the following styles:



These LEVEL CONTROLLERS can be used for all types of non-flammable liquids with the use of probes which are generally made of stainless steel. For very corrosive liquids, other more resistant materials are used or for even the most caustic materials, may we suggest having a look at our SC30 and 40 series of detectors featured in our granulates section.

Our most popular liquid level detector, the B8LCR, can be adjusted via a front mounted potentiometer to detect even the most difficult liquids such as distilled water.

Our SLM float switches are based on our magnetic sensor technology. All are fitted with a Normally Open reed contact but can be converted in the field by simply turning the float part upside-down!

All can be used for pump up and pump down applications.

For an even more comprehensive selection of Float type level controllers and indicators with contact and analog outputs, please visit our Level Sonsors page.


inches (mm)

Type No
Description Level Control
Function Conductive
Time Delay 1 sec fixed
Mounting 8 pin plug-in
Sensitivity Range 4.7-100 kOhm
Probe Voltage 5vdc
Fill / Empty Empty Fill

SPDT Relay

Output Rating 10A@240VAC/7A@ 28VDC,1/4HP@120VAC
Supply Voltage Un 120VAC
Type No
Description Liquid Level Magnetic Control
Float & Shaft material Polypropylene SS316 SS316
Min. specific gravity kg/dm3 0.9 0.75 0.75
Switching Distance >3mm
Max. switching voltage 125 250 200
output rating W/VA 10 50 20
switching frequency Hz 230
Output 1 x SPST Relay configurable NO or NC
Repeatability ± 0.3mm
Temperature limits -20 to +100°C -20 to +100°C -20 to +150°C